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Monitoring and interaction with text based Web Socket connections

The Web Socket Terminal gives the web application developer a simple means for communicating with Web Socket connections. It allows you to monitor and test your own applications, as well as third party applications. You can send messages to the service, and see the responses all within a simple user interface.

Primary Features

  • Supports both secured (wss) and unsecured (ws) connections
  • Supports both Light and Dark screen appearance settings
  • Recent history allows you to quickly connect to URLs you have used in the near past
  • Session log area shows the messages you send, the messages that are received, and connection status
  • Message sending control supports history scrolling using the up and down arrow keys

Advanced Features - While the primary features are useful on their own, for a small fee you can unlock the advanced features. These give you even more power to work with your Web Socket based applications.

  • Multiple tabs and windows allowing you to monitor multiple connections at the same time
  • Automatic pretty printing of incoming JSON and XML messages
  • Automatic session log monitoring, allowing you to review the connection history (this is very useful when debugging your application)

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